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I just found this and realized I never posted the gif on tumblr. :O

I just found this and realized I never posted the gif on tumblr. :O

A Note on World Building

It’s easy to focus on the cast over the crew in entertainment, and the same could be said for characters and environment in writing. People always talk about dynamic and complex characters, but in reality a character is only as deep as their surroundings. It’s amazing how much we underestimate or forget the greatest (in my opinion) trait of the human species: Adaptability. We are all a product of our world and, really, so should your characters.


Exorcism - Box, game pieces, cards, and rule book.

Exorcism Card Designs

Exorcism - Concept sketches

Exorcism - Process

A little doodle of Jesse I did last night because I couldn’t go to sleep. I just want him to be happy! T-T 

Color Contrast and Vibrancy in Digital Painting

I remember a time not too long ago where I had no idea how to pick colors digitally. Every time I’d try, my eyes would sting from the clashing mess of hue and value as my self esteem as an artist quickly shriveled up. Turns out the layout for picking colors on Photoshop, though useful for programmers, is pretty terrible for creating harmonizing colors. How you ask?…

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Echo Fortuna Poster


Echo Fortuna Poster

Echo Fortuna - Paper Prototype 1View Post